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NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PROPERTY BY WYOMING COUNTY TAX CLAIM BUREAU FOR DELINQUENT COUNTY, BOROUGH, TOWNSHIP AND SPECIAL TAXES TO THE KNOWN AND UNKNOWN OWNERS OF PROPERTIES DESCRIBED IN THIS NOTICE AND TO ALL PERSON, MUNICIPALITIES AND MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES HAVING ANY TAX LIENS, TAX JUDGMENTS OR MUNICIPAL CLAIMS AGAINST SUCH PROPERTIES: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Wyoming County Tax Claim Bureau under provisions of the ÒReal Estate Tax Sale Law,Ó 1947 July 7, P.L. 1368 No. 542, as amended will offer for sale at a Public Sale to be held in the WYOMING COUNTY COURTHOUSE, TUNKHANNOCK, PENNSYLVANIA, ON THE 14TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2017 AT 11:00 a.m., EST, the properties hereinafter described. The purpose of said public sale is to provide for the collection of the amount of delinquent County, School, Borough, Township and Special Taxes, due on said properties hereby offered for sale. The lien of all taxes for which said properties are hereby being sold and the municipal claims, now or hereafter imposed, levied or assessed against such properties shall be divested by said public sale, if the amount of the purchase money shall be at least equal to the amount of proper tax liens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the amount of the liens of all taxes for which said properties are hereby being sold and all municipal claims due on said properties and the cost of the sale. Said public sale shall not discharge the lien of any GROUND RENT OR MORTGAGE which shall have been recorded BEFORE the taxes owing on such became liens, if such is the case and which is or shall be prior to all other liens except GROUND RENTS or MORTGAGES. Notice of return of delinquent taxes against these properties by the various taxing districts and the entry of the tax claim thereon has been heretofore given to each delinquent taxable according to law and the period of redemption having expired without such properties having redeemed, such claims have now become absolute. The sale of any property listed in this notice, may at the option of the Bureau, be stayed if the owner thereof or any lien creditor of said owner, on or before the date of said sale enters into an agreement with the Bureau to pay the taxes entered against such property in installments in the manner provided by said ÒREAL ESTATE TAX SALE LAW.Ó The terms of sale are certified funds at the time the properties are sold, otherwise the sale shall be voided and the property shall be put up again for sale. The description of each of the properties to be exposed to public sale as stated in the tax claims entered, including the approximate upset price to be realized at the sale as follows: NOTE: The approximate upset price for each parcel listed below includes only 2015 and prior taxes. On the date of the sale, the Bureau shall fix as the upset price to be realized at the sale the sum of: (a) Tax liens of the Commonwealth, (b) 2015 and Prior yearsÕ taxes, (c) the amount of all accrued delinquent taxes including taxes levied for the 2016 tax year. Patricia J. Mead, Director Judd B. Fitze, Esquire, Solicitor County of Wyoming Tax Claim Bureau

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