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Amendment to Floodplain Ordinance: Floodplain Ordinance 2017-1. Within the opening ÒAn Ordinance requiring all persons, partnerships, businesses, and corporations to obtain a permit for any construction or development" INSERT ÒWITHIN AN IDENTIFIED FLOODPLAIN AREAÓ; providing for the issuance of such permits, etc. ARTICLE II. GENERAL PROVISIONS SECTION. 2. Applicability Òit should be unlawful for any person, partnership, any construction or development" REMOVE ÒanywhereÓ then INSERT Òwithin an identified floodplain areaÓ within the Township Section 2. Applicability Item B. A permit shall not be required for minor repairs to existing buildings or structures. Per Leslie Rhodes (PSATS) FEMA is requesting municipalities remove this verbiage. ARTICLE III. ADMINISTRATION Section 3. Permits Required ÒA Permit shall be required before any construction or development is undertaken" INSERT Òin an identified floodplain area within the Township of Auburn. ARTICLE V. TECHNICAL PROVISIONS Section 5. Elevation and Floodproofing Requirements LETTER E. Accessory structures ITEM 2. Floor area shall not exceed 200 square feet. Per Leslie Rhodes (PSATS) this can be considered up to 600 square feet. This ordinance is to be adopted and enacted at our next monthly Supervisors meeting.

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