2012-02-02 / Front Page

On Line Access Code Available to Subscribers

If you’re a subscriber to the Rocket-Courier’s print edition, you will continue to enjoy complimentary access to our newly-expanded online edition. Just connect to our website as usual and follow the instructions at the top of the page for “current print subscribers.” When asked to enter a subscription code, enter: ROCKET2012 (Please note this is case sensitive, so use capital letters where noted).

The code is also published in this week’s Seen and Heard Column online and in our print edition. 

If you’re not already a subscriber to our print edition, you’ll be able to sign up online or purchase a reduced price online-only subscription or a single copy.

All applications for free online access for print edition subscribers will be verified with our existing subscription records.

Our website has recently been redesigned to include everything that’s in our print edition.



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