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Sullivan County Democrats Plan Dinner March 25

The Sullivan County Dinner at the Forksville Inn on Sunday, March 25 at 6 p.m. will feature Eugene DePasquale, Democratic candidate for State Auditor General. DePasquale is a third-term State Representative from York County. He was the first legislator to post his expenses online, received an “A” grade for his low expenses, and has been called “A Pioneer for Public Accountability.” He played a key role in passing one of the most aggressive open records laws in the country and managed to keep those expenses low enough to return more than $36,000 unused taxpayer dollars.

DePasquale also had his Alternative Energy Investment Act signed into law, which provided real savings to consumers, created jobs and helped reduce dependence on foreign energy. His most recent legislative accomplishment was winning—after a five-year battle—a ban on texting while driving. After he completed Law School in 2002, he worked for the Department of Environmental Protection and was charged with recruiting Gamesa, the world’s second largest wind company, to Pennsylvania. Competing against 37 states, Pennsylvania was selected, and Gamesa now has its U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia and manufacturing plants in Bucks and Cambria Counties, supplying enough wind energy to power more than 150,000 Pennsylvania homes.

He is running for Auditor General to continue his work for middle-class Pennsylvanians and to protect the important programs that make a difference in eveyone’s lives, including education, jobs programs and public safety. He will be an advocate for communities affected by the Marcellus Shale drilling. On day one, DePasquale will order a review of how the state is monitoring water pollution to make certain that the rush for greater corporate profits doesn’t come at the expense of health, drinking water or the character of local communities.

Also attending the dinner will be former Lackawanna County Commissioner Mike Washo, who will be speaking on behalf of Sen. Robert Casey, Jr.

Phil Scollo, candidate for Congress in the 10th District, will speak. He lives in Dingman Township, Pike County, and has a long career in the insurance industry. He operates a business-consulting firm and is a summa cum laude graduate of St. John’s University and has a BS in Government and Politics. Scollo wants to represent seniors who live on limited incomes and families who work hard to make ends meet. He believes the system is rigged against the little guy, and he wants to represent them in Washington.

Another special guest, Luanna Cleveland, candidate for the PA State Senate, is a graduate of Penn State. She is concerned about education and the decreases in funding, as well as the quality of lives with the development of the Marcellus shale.

All are welcome to come, share a meal, meet and learn about the candidates. Questions from the floor will be welcomed.

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