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Knock Wood

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Reflections of Nature

Finches Come in Many Varieties

Diary entry April 3, 2012, “Male goldfinches coming into our feeder are almost completely changed into their mating plumage.” The finches belong to the Fringillidae family, and, in Latin, the word means small bird. More...

Guest Commentary

A Century of Cherry Blossoms

Into every life, they say, a little rain must fall. And a little snow as well. In fact, here in Washington, some are rooting for snow before spring arrives.  More...

Rick's Report

Popular Music Primer No. 1

In the days before I made my living from writing and taking photos, I worked in promotions and radio. I had some pretty good gigs during those days, and I met some cool people, but it was being around music that really turned me on to those jobs. More...

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