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Benjamin-Johnson Reunion Planned for Sunday, Aug. 5

The 98th reunion of the descendants of Enos J. Johnson and Margaret B. Acla Johnson, known as the Benjamin-Johnson Family Reunion, will be held at the small pavilion at Hornbrook Park on Sunday, Aug. 5.

On Aug. 3, 1914 the first reunion was held with four generations in attendance. By 1920, there were so many of the family with the name of Benjamin, it was decided that day to change the name of the gathering to Benjamin-Johnson, retaining the reunion date of the first Sunday in August. In the early years, the reunions were held at the homes of family members. In recent years, attendance was down from 100 or more to 20 to 40 members in attendance, and family members would like more relatives to come and share good times and family history.

Organizers are seeking readers related to any of the following:

Enos J. Johnson was born in Asylum Township on Feb. 28, 1836 to Charles J. and Polly Benjamin Johnson. Margaret B. Acla was born at Kent Run, Monroe Township on March 4, 1846 to John B. and Susan Bennett Acla.

Enos and Margaret were married in 1859 and between 1863 and 1881, nine children were born to the couple. Their children’s marriages were as follows: Luzerna to Solon Benjamin, son of Robert and Debbie Drake Benjamin; Alzina to Elmer J. Benjamin, son of Jonathan and Polly Johnson Benjamin; June Dell to James W. English, son of James and Jane English; Susan Emily to Charles Benjamin; Robert McClure to Dora B. Thompson; Polly Arbella to Ward Brecher Brown, son of James L. and Lydia Brown; Carrie to Cameron Darius Gowin, son of Darius and Martha Angeline Eddy Gowin and Enos to Addie Benjamin, daughter of Joshua and Hattie Chilson. Asa died unmarried.

In addition to the early surnames, some of the other family names include Decker, Heath, Pierce, Westbrook, Sickler, Sullivan, Bowen, Woolsey, Cramner, Maryott, Marshall, Ellis, Vanderpool, Northrup, Swackhammer, Corey, Saxon, Evans, Armstrong, Willey, Smith, Turner, Ellis, Vargason and Hobbie.

Organizers of the Benjamin- Johnson Reunion ask that participants bring a dish to pass, as well as their own beverages and table service. Dinner is planned for 1 p.m.

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