2013-10-10 / Front Page

Legislators Address Gas Royalty Deductions


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Lets hope this gets done. We

Lets hope this gets done. We signed on for 12.5% ~ we arenot only being charged for gathering by Chesapeake but by Anadarko...we did not sign on with Anadarko but Chesapeake has brought in partners. So we get charged for gathering by them as well. And then we have a Dead Beat Partner STAT who has not paid us a dime despite phone calls, emails, and certified letters, as well as a request from assistance made to Chesapeake to contact STAT telling them to release our royalties. If the full amount does not arrive by 10/11/13 we will be filing a lawsuit to collect our 19 months of royalties due us. Anadarko is also 2 months behind in their payments. If Chesapeake were going to bring in partners #1 we should have been told #2 They should be partners that will pay on time and not try to do landowners out of their royalties.

Mr. Yaw has said that he

Mr. Yaw has said that he would support the bill, though he remains wary of any law that has retroactive provisions. “It may generate a court challenge,” he suggested. “I can’t speak to what the gas companies are going to do.” Well Mr Yaw the LONGER YOU put off this bill amendment HR# 1684 the hate and anger build in the County! It is a pathetic situation that YOU have allowed Oil and Gas to Rape the 12.5 percent. The citizens of Bradford County can finally either feed their children or pay their taxes! This will be a trickle down effect Mr. Yaw! Mr. Yaw YOU were the ONE that should PAY for OUR fight where the H_ll were you? You were not protecting us that is obvious! I do not want to hear you cannot fix this , YOU broke it YOU pay to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I have been very vocal in my fight against what Chesapeake has done! I expect you Mr. Yaw to support me when they start harrassing me for speaking out loud about this! Yes! I make sure to post, blog send all this to News Organizations I want the people to know what they are doing before they sign anything! It is WRONG and WRONG is WRONG I will shut up when YOU fix it! Give the people their money back! Do you not understand that the American people are FED up with your thieving garbage! Does any one in Government or Business do anything for anyone anymore Mr. Yaw? Darlene M Newton

Lets hope it happens. As we

Lets hope it happens. As we are being charged for gathering not only by Chesapeake but Anadarko as well. We never signed with Anadarko only with Chesapeake. And we have one dead beat partner Stat who has not paid us one dime despite phone calls, certified letters, and requests to Chesapeake to help us. So if we do not receive our royalty payment in full from them by 10/11/13 we will be filing a lawsuit against them to collect 19 months worth of royalties.

Our Representatives GOT us in

Our Representatives GOT us in this they are the ones that should pay to get us out and get our money! Right Govoner , Mr Yaw, WE elected YOU to protect us! YOU are the ones that need to FIX IT! YOUR JOBS depend on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth of the matter is the ones with the money just gotta always screw the little guy! What they have done here is WRONG WRONG WRONG and they ALL know it but too COWARDLY to admit they Fudged US once again Personally I believe all landowners and individuals should send their taxes they cannot pay to the ones that got us in this! I am sending mine to Mr. Yaw and I expect him to pay it! Darlene M Newton

Tina, Rock On! I want my

Tina, Rock On! I want my Representatives and Politicians to be the ones to pay for the lawsuit against these companies to fix the Royalties Act! As a NORMAL citizen I asked YOU to protect us the people of Bradford County and YOU failed US! You think I can afford to fight them Mr. Yaw? So it is obvious to me that YOU should fix it RETROACTIVELY! Also picking up all landowners Legal Fees MR. YAW! Mr. Yaw you can keep protecting your Buddies the Oil and Gas Companies WE are NOT stupid! The American people are FED UP with Governments Bull-Crap! This is part of it! Darlene M Newton Thank-You Tina, and Bradford County Commissiones!

Tina, I am not sure of the

Tina, I am not sure of the coincidence but I see the word RETROACTIVE being used now! That is it Tina simply put, Thank-You! "Most importantly, the wording in HB 1684 appears to be retroactive, providing an amendment and more clarification to the 1979 Guaranteed Minimum Royalties Act (GMRA)". I feel very sorry for the pathetic gas and oil companies that knew they would in turn do this to the Landowners, sock it them for all these deductions! Pathetic that is what YOU are! I really wanted Chesapeake to come to the County and provide jobs and provide a better environment for our people ! Well thank-You Chesapeake for showing me WHY our COUNTRY is in such disarray! Citizens not only get screwed by big business, definitely our politicians and pathetic Oil and Gas Companies whom own most everything as it is! GREED, GREED , GREED Darlene M Newton

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