2017-07-13 / Letters

The Investigations Continue…

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Yup! We get the picture.

Yup! We get the picture. (D) = Good, and (R) = bad. Wasn't that hard actually. Now here is our word for the day: ideologue |ˈīdēəˌlôg, -ˌläg, ˈidēə-|noun An adherent of an ideology, esp. one who is uncompromising and dogmatic: a liberal or conservative ideologue. ORIGIN early 19th cent.: from French idéologue; see also ideology.

Sooner or later President

Sooner or later President Trump will 'DRAIN THE SWAMP' from the last administration. Probably after building the WALL which is more important in my opinion. It might run into his second term but he will get it done!

Wow. Where do you get your

Wow. Where do you get your info from? Obama is the first President since Ike to have 8 years of scandal free Presidency. A year ago Trump was going on and on about Obamas birth certificate which Trump has backed off of now because no way Obama was born any other place than Hawaii. Now Trump with fake news, university, products, hair, tan, marriages, faith, and basic knowledge of the planet he lives on and the peoples that are the majority occupants is scandal free? And then there's his treasonous relationship with Russia, the only country that will lend him money for his overblown "businesses"

OMG- you certainly live a

OMG- you certainly live a dark life if you believe what you posted. scandal free pres? right.


https://www.quora.com/Are-Democrats-more-corrupt-than-Republicans And this regarding the Executive Branch Obama 8 yrs in office, zero criminal indictments, zero criminal investigations and zero prison sentences.( David Patreus was convicted but did not serve prison time) W Bush 8 yrs in office 16 criminal indictments, 16 investigations, 9 prison sentences Clinton 8 yrs in office 2 criminal indictments , 1 criminal investigation and 1 prison sentence George HW Bush 4 years in office, 1 criminal indictment, 1 criminal investigation and one prison sentence Reagan 8 years in office, 26 criminal indictments 16 criminal investigations and 8 prison sentences Carter 4 yrs in office, 1 indictment, zero criminal investigations and zero prison sentences Ford 4 years in office, 1 indictment, 1 criminal investigation, 1 prison sentence Nixon 6 yrs in office, 76 indictments, 55 criminal investigations and 15 prison sentences Johnson 5 years in office zero, zero and zero. Get the picture?

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