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Former State Constable Sentenced for Drug Charges


Shane Fryer Shane Fryer Former Wyoming County Constable Shane Fryer of Sugar Run, who also served briefly as a Laceyville Borough Police Officer, was sentenced on a third degree felony count of criminal use of a communication facility. Fryer appeared before Judge Russell Shurtleff on Friday, Oct. 20 and was sentenced to serve nine to 18 months in a state Department of Corrections, with credit for one day served. He may be eligible for early release after serving six and three-quarter months.

Fryer, 32, was arraigned in Wyoming County Court on March 3 and charged with two counts of use/possession of a controlled substance, two counts manufacture/ delivery/ possession with intent to deliver, use of a communication facility, criminal conspiracy to commit manufacturing/ delivery/possession with intent to deliver and ungraded misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the Criminal Complaint, between Nov. 14 and 15, 2016, Fryer sold crystal methamphetamine to a Confidential Informant (CI) who was acting in cooperation with law enforcement.

Documents on file at the Wyoming County Courthouse stated that in July, a CI told law enforcement that Fryer was selling crystal methamphetamine from his home on Golden Hill. That CI told authorities that he had purchased some from Fryer for $100.

The CI noted that Fryer was a PA State Constable and drove an “old police car.” In August, reports from state police in Bradford County cited additional incidents reported of similar activity by Fryer. In September 2016, state police in Susquehanna County also said they had received reports from CIs concerning Fryer selling crystal methamphetamine.

In November, after further similar reports, a CI told law enforcement that he agreed to make a “controlled purchase” from Fryer. This purchase was made on Nov. 14.

On the following day, a search warrant was executed on Fryer’s property. Fryer and his residential girlfriend, Melissa Murphy, were both present at the time the search warrant was executed.

Property seized included a plastic gun holder, a loaded ammunition clip, a 12-gauge shotgun, a 9mm Glock handgun, a .32 caliber revolver, a glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine ash residue, a baggie with crushed orange pills inside, a PA State Constable badge, a yellow cell phone and a baggie with suspected white methamphetamine inside.

According to the complaint, both Fryer and Murphy made voluntary statements to law enforcement at the time of the search that the items seized were their joint property and that both were users of crystal methamphetamine.

Fryer was released on $15,000 bail, which was posted on Dec. 7, 2016.

He served for two days in 2015 as a Laceyville Police Officer until it was discovered that his insurance as constable did not cover him as a police officer.

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