2018-03-01 / Opinion

Florida School Shootings Illustrate Murphy’s Law at Its Horrific Worst

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Yes, the mentally ill must be

Yes, the mentally ill must be more effectively restricted from gun access but there is no test, no scan nor any method for identifying those who are both mentally ill and likely to be a mass shooter. Meanwhile, statisticaly most diagnosed mentally ill people are not mass shooters. The mass shooters get “diagnosed” after the fact. The reality is that the US culture has become toxified around gun violence. The country is awash with guns, a kid can’t drink until 21 but he can buy a gun, get access to one easily. The majority of mass shooters are white, male and suburban. Urban and rural mass shooters are rare. The CDC isn’t allowed by law to effectively study gun violence but the average parent of a school student would likely agree that this is a public health issue. We are traumatizing generations of students and wasting educational time on lockdowns and other prep a lot like “duck and cover” while ignoring the real issue. Gun access plus disconnected white males who have a distorted idea of what a legacy is.

WOW. I am a white male and

WOW. I am a white male and proud of it. And, you are so far off the mark, it is pathetic. Guns are not the issue. Lack of parenting, lack of enforcement of current gun laws, the phony 'IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING' garbage, and folks like you are the issue. The age limit for purchasing tobacco products is 18. There are 480,000 deaths in this nation annually attributed to smoking. The permitted age for driving is 16 to 18. There are over 2000 killed and 220,000 injured in the 16-19 age bracket. The permitted age for voting is 18. The permitted age to enlist, carry a weapon, train to kill the enemy and protect us is 17. And, in 37 states, the permitted age to drink is 16, as long as it is with family. Raising the age to purchase a weapon and/or confiscating guns and/or gun prohibition is not the answer. WE MUST RETURN TO THE DAY OF THE FAMILY UNIT, EMBRACE THE CONCEPT OF GOOD PARENTING AND ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS. In closing, from 01 January 2018 to this moment there have been an estimated 184,000 abortions conducted in this country. These are not being sought, permitted or performed on disconnected white males. What say you, Margaret?

Well said Dave.

Well said Dave.

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