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2011 Primary Election Candidates in Susquehanna County: For County Offices, District Judges and Elk Lake School District Municipalities


Contests for the Primary Election in Susquehanna County are scarce. County Commissioners and one District Judge’s office offer the only real contests. All listings below are in the order in which they will appear on the party’s ballots.

Among Democrats, incumbent Commissioners Mary Ann Warren and Leon Allen are looking for re-election. Since voters get to vote for two, these two are basically assured a place on the November ballot as the Democrat options.

Republican commissioner candidates are a different story. Besides the incumbent Michael J. Mike Giangrieco (names in this article are as they will appear on the ballots) there will be three additional candidates vying for the two spots to represent the party in November. These include Alan Hall, Fred Baker and Ricky R. Oakley. After each party has chosen two candidates in the Primary, voters in November get to vote for two, with the three top vote getters winning the contest.

Several Republican county candidates are running unopposed for their party’s nomination, and there are no Democrats running for these offices.

Incumbent Jason J. Legg is running for District Attorney; incumbent Catherine Cathy R. Benedict is seeking another term as County Treasurer; Mary F. Evans, Registrar of Wills, Recorder of Deeds and Clerk of the Orphans Court, is looking to be re-elected, along with Anthony J. Conarton who wants another term as Coroner.

County Auditors are up for election this year as well. The two Republican incumbents George P. Starzec and Holly H. Bialy are not being challenged. On the Democrat ticket, Melanie Kozlowski has put her hat in the ring along with incumbent Susan M. Jennings. Similar to the commissioners’ race, two people will be on the November ballot on each party with the three top vote getters at that time put in office.

Regionally, two of the three District Judges are up for election this year. In the Montrose office incumbent Jeffrey L. Hollister is on both the Republican and Democrat ballot. At the New Milford District Judge’s office, Peter Janicelli is retiring, and three candidates are vying for that office. They have all cross-filed, so will be on both tickets. On the Republican ticket the order on the ballot will be Jodi Cordner, Kathleen M. Ragard and Raymond Telnock. On the Democrat ballot, the order is Kathleen M. Ragard, Raymond Telnock and Jodi Cordner.

At the municipal level in areas covered by the Rocket-Courier (generally, those townships which comprise the Elk Lake School District), Auburn Township has Republican incumbent George Gregory running again for supervisor for a six-year term with no one on the Democrat ballot. Also in Auburn, incumbent Chuck Place is running on both parties for Elk Lake School Director in Region 1, with no challengers. Matthew D. Neenan is looking to be a Supervisor (six-year term) in Dimock Township and will appear on the Republican ballot. No one is running on the Democrat ticket.

Incumbent Anne M. Teel is hoping to come back as Region 3 Elk Lake School Director, and her name will appear on both party’s ballots. Incumbent Daniel Jones is a Republican seeking re-election as Middletown Supervisor, with no Democrat seeking that job, and Matthew E. Curley, incumbent Elk Lake School Director for Region 6, will be on the Republican ballot with no one running as a Democrat. The race for Rush Township Supervisor is to fill a six-year slot. Donald L. Herman, Sr. is running as a Republican, while Peter A. Bronzons, Jr. and incumbent Charles Pierson are on the Democrat ballot. There is also a four-year Supervisor’s opening, and Republican Kevin Stockholm is running. No one is on the Democrat’s ballot for the four-year slot. Alice Carr is running again for Elk Lake School Director for Region 7, and her name will appear on both tickets.

Voters in Springville Township have a six-year and a two-year Supervisor’s name on the ballots. For the six-year slot, Republican incumbent Jerry Ainey is running, with no one running as a Democrat. Only the Democrats have an entry for the two-year position, Duane E. Wood.




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