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Alternative Voting Available To The Elderly And Handicapped

The Bradford County Board of Election announces that although polling places have been modified or relocated for handicap accessibility, there may be locations that voters may still feel are inaccessible to the elderly (65 and over) and handicapped voters. The new voting systems are handicap accessible and will be used at every polling location. According to a spokesperson, “To implement the public law 98-435, which requires provision of voting aids for elderly and handicapped electors for the May 17 Municipal Primary Election, we are hereby giving notice of the availability of aids and other information as required by law, and an alternative means of casting a ballot on election day for those assigned to an inaccessible polling place.” These electors should contact the Bradford County Board of Elections, Court House, 301 Main Street, Towanda, or call 570-265-1717 or 1-888-270-VOTE, as to the procedures for voting an alternative ballot as soon as possible, but no later than May 9.

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