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Body Found in Creek Identified


Authorities Credit Media for Assistance

By Rick Hiduk

A body found in Mill Stone Creek along Deep Hollow Road in Overton Township on Sept. 8 after floodwaters receded last week has been identified as that of Stephen Mark Peters, 33, of Bradford County. County coroner Thomas Carman confirmed on Sept. 17 that, after photos and descriptions of numerous tattoos on Peters’s body were published and broadcast, a lead came in that helped authorities to confirm his identity via fingerprints and medical records.

An investigation is ongoing to determine the exact cause of Peters’s death, and results of toxicology tests were not available at press time.

The body was discovered by Denny Chase and Michael Bacorn, members of the Overton Township road crew.

“We were down there trying to get the road open,” related Chase, who also serves as a township supervisor. According to Chase, Bacorn was the first to notice what he thought was a body, partially submerged in debris at the confluence of two branches of Mill Stone Creek. “I had just gone by the spot with a backhoe and didn’t see it,” Chase remarked.

The streams converge at that point deep in a ravine just inside the Overton Township line from neighboring Monroe Township, and Chase said that he wasn’t sure what the two were looking at. “It looked like a big rubber dummy,” he explained. They called another township worker who had a pair of binoculars, and Chase was able to get a better look. When he saw the hair on Peters’s chin, he was sure that he was looking at a corpse, and authorities were contacted immediately.

There is no word yet on how the body got into the water, but Chase suggested that it appeared that it had washed down to the point where it had become entangled with debris.

Carman noted that Peters’s last known address was in Sayre and that the decedent leaves behind a wife and child.





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