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Boy Dies in Fatal Accident

By D.C. Koviack

On Saturday, Aug. 13 a motorcycle accident near the Slumber Valley Campground in Meshoppen Township took the life of a seven-year-old boy from New York State.

Police say the incident took place about 5:30 p.m. The deceased’s name is Micah Joseph Angel, Vestal, NY. Angel and his brother reportedly visit the Meshoppen area every year with family friends, and they were having one such visit when the fatal accident occurred.

According to witnesses, Alex and Leslie Reese, also of Vestal, Angel had been told not to ride the electric motorcycle while he and his brother were at the campground with family friends, the Reeses. The motorcycle, an MX 500 Razor, belonged to Alex Reese. However, it appears Angel did so anyway, and the ride cost him his life. Another witness, Christine Wentz, of Nicholson, saw the young boy riding the motorcycle near her camping spot, and saw him lose control of the vehicle and tip it on its side. She told police she approached the boy to see if he was all right; he told her he was fine, and rode off. John Long, Tunkhannock, who is Wentz’s brother, corroborated his sister’s statement. A reconstruction of the accident by police also backed up their statements.

Andrew Fox, Nichols, NY, who was also at the campground, told police he became aware of the accident when he heard someone yelling about an accident involving a boy and a motorcycle. Fox said he helped carry Angel’s body from the rocks up to where the Meshoppen Ambulance crew could treat him and begin CPR. Fox said he also washed the blood off the rocks so other children wouldn't see it, and returned the motorcycle to the campsite of its owner, Reese.

Police found the motorcycle hooked up to the campsite’s electricity when they investigated a short while later. Reconstruction of the accident by Meshoppen Police assisted by state police revealed a 30-foot swath in a straight line from the roadway through a wooded area. The path of the vehicle then continued across a roadway and over a bank. The vehicle then apparently struck a small tree and plunged with Angel about 30 feet to rocks below. Angel was recovered from that spot and taken to Tyler Memorial Hospital where ER staff worked on him for a short while; the child suffered massive head and neck injuries. Angel was pronounced dead at Tyler a little after 7 p.m. by Wyoming County Coroner Thomas Kukuchka, who ruled the crash an accident.

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