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Camptown Elementary School Holds Last Open House


By Kelly Cole

Emotions were flowing through the halls of the Camptown Elementary School during Tuesday evening. This last Open House was to provide students and teachers from previous years a chance to walk through once more. It was a time to catch up and take a walk down memory lane as well as discuss what the future would hold at the new school. Parents were able to come and see their children’s work on display one last time.

A slide show was set up in the cafeteria to showcase events that had taken place throughout the school year. You could stop by Laurie Manney’s third grade classroom to look at past composite books. Many of the students were able to find their parents from the time when they had attended and took great pleasure in teasing their parents at what had been in style at the time.

Jane Carey had provided some great pictures of her students dating back to 1939, newsletters from 1962 that the four elementary schools put together and pictures from when the students celebrated Arbor Day in 1978.

Many of the parents in attendance had been students in the same classrooms as their children. It has been such a familiar place and a comfort to many to know their children are having similar experiences where they had once gone. Since 1961, the school has had approximately 125 students every year attend.

Mrs. Manney mentioned that this was a close-knit school and always had been. During this transition, where students will be encountering a lot of new faces, schedules and classrooms, that will be something they can lean on. It will help make adjusting easier to know that around a corner there will be a familiar face to reach out to if needed.

Mrs. Carey taught third and fourth grade for some time until retiring in 1978. She has so much to share about her 33 years as a teacher, and you could hear the joy in her voice as she recounted stories. She always thought that books were very important to her children and would spend time each day reading to them. It gave her a lot of pride to receive compliments from parents and other teachers about how well her students could write and read. She said that she loved her job and working with the children and if she could, she would still be doing it today. She had passion for her job and truly enjoyed spending every moment with each child that passed through her door each year.

Both Morgan Rockwell from third grade and Marissa Kusmierz from fourth grade are a bit apprehensive about the move, since they may not know anything about their new teachers. There has been an advantage with attending Camptown in knowing a lot about your teacher before you have them. They are excited, though, that they will be switching classrooms for science, history, math and reading.

T-shirts are still available that the PTG and fifth grade were selling to honor Camptown Elementary and the 50 years of education it provided. The shirts are short sleeved and navy blue with “Camptown Elementary, 1961-2011” written in white.

It is hard to believe that after 50 years, students will walk through the front doors for the last time on June 15. When school starts on Sept. 1, it will be in a new place with a lot of new faces.

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