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Commissioners’ Meeting Notes


On Thursday, June 9, the Bradford County Commissioners approved a rate increase for the Bradford County Day Care Program. The increase is approximately three percent, but Tom Guinane, director for the day care program, mentioned during the meeting that it does vary in how this has been applied to costs. The rising cost in operating the three day care centers, cost of health insurance for the employees, along with food costs were figured into this change.

Daily rates for full-time children will be a dollar more than what the past year has been, while those that attend part-time will see a 50 cent increase. The centers offer drop-in care as well, and parents that utilize that service will see that the rates have increased by 50 cents. These rate increases will affect those families that are not receiving subsidized day care and will be effective July 1. Currently, the program watches over approximately 120 children.

A grant from the Keystone STARS program was accepted for the Athens after-school day care program. They will receive $6,300 to go toward supplies and materials, along with $5,880 for staff education and training. This program is a rating system that is based on a list of standards the child care programs must reach and maintain. The Athens program has maintained their STAR 2 status and was recognized by receiving this grant.

Other business included:

The Bradford County Extension Office received approval on Thursday for their Environmental Education Grant agreements for “Go Native” Garden in the amount of $2,300 and 4-H Orienteering-GPS for $500.

 As of June 6, Skip Roupp will be the temporary Emergency Management Agency coordinator for Bradford County.

It was approved to lease two printers from Automated License Systems of Nashville, TN, for a two-month period to process doe licenses.

They also approved numerous pay rates that take effect in the month of June.




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