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Donation Helps WVHS Students, Saves Money



By David Keeler

A donation by a retired GTP employee is helping WVHS shop students learn the basics of welding and at the same time saving the school district money.

Mercur resident Terry Fairchild fabricated a welding booth that will not only be used by students in Mike Reibson’s shop class, but will serve as a pattern for the students to construct similar booths.

The cost of purchasing a factory-built welding booth is $751, according to Reibson.  That means when students build more of the booths, the school will save over $4,000.

Arrow United provided the material that Fairchild, who operates a custom welding business from his home, used to construct the welding booth. He’s also served as a welding instructor at the Northern Tier Career Center.

Reibson noted that qualified welders are highly sought by the gas industry, and the skills students learn at WVHS are a first step to additional training that could result in high-paying jobs.

The school’s existing welding booths are outdated and need to be replaced, Reibson said. 

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