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Drivers Need To Be Alert to Traffic Sign Changes in Dushore Borough

Motorists in Sullivan County are advised of the following traffic sign changes at and near the intersection of Routes 87 and 487 in Dushore.

For Route 87 southbound, all traffic must now come to a stop. The “Except Right Turn” option has been removed. A temporary flashing red light has been added above the stop sign to acclimate motorists to the change.

The following changes will take effect as soon as the required signs are erected. On Route 487, a “Hazardous Grade Speed Limit” of 25 mph will be added for trucks descending the northbound grade. Also on Route 487 in the same direction, “Trucks Reduced Gear Zone” and “Grade and Distance” signs below the existing “Hill” sign will be added to warn truckers about the steepness and length of the approaching downgrade.

These improvements are being added following a PennDOT safety study.


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