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Estimated Tax Deposits Due For Local Wage Tax

The Earned Income Tax Office in Wyalusing reminds all self-employed taxpayers and those who do not have the local wage tax withheld from their wages, and live in the Wyalusing Area School District and Northeast Bradford School District that the first estimate of tax for 2011 is due April 15, 2011. Estimated tax deposits are required for those who expect to owe more than $80 for this year and do not have the tax withheld from their earnings. Estimated tax forms have been mailed to hundreds of area residents including those who will be required to do so as determined from their 2010 returns. There is a penalty for failing to file an estimate when one is required and also a penalty for under-paying estimated taxes. Federal and state estimates are also due on April 15, 2011. Because of the increase in the tax rate (1.44%) for the Wyalusing Area School District, many of the taxpayers who are employed outside of the school district, will have to make estimated payments for 2011 to cover the difference between the one percent deducted from their wages and 1.44% wage tax if they expect to owe more than $80. Questions may be directed to the Earned Income Tax Office, PO Box 309, Wyalusing PA 18853, or by calling (570) 746-3405.

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