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Farmer Suffers Injury From Protective Pig


By Rick Hiduk

Dale Yasharian was reminded on July 17 of the protective nature of a mother when his 4-year-old brooding sow attacked him as he and his son Danny were trying to move her and her seven piglets to the barn that evening. The incident happened on Dale’s farm on Maple Hill Road in Wyalusing Township and resulted in a broken arm and some hearty laughs in hindsight.

Momma pig was in a field with her offspring, and Dale and Danny were having trouble catching all of the little oinkers, so they were more or less giving up and returning the piglets they had caught to the sow.

“She was all riled up by that point, and she came after me,” Dale said of the attack. “She got me by the leg and pulled me down.” The sow climbed on top of Dale, and Danny climbed on top of the sow and kicked her in the sides until she relented. When Dale broke free, he and Danny retreated to the barn as quickly as possible with the pig in pursuit. “I didn’t do too badly for an old guy,” Dale recalled with a laugh. He was taken to Towanda Memorial Hospital and treated for his injuries.

When asked if the sow had a name, Dale replied, “She’s got a lot of different names now.” The otherwise unnamed pig has calmed down since the attack, and it’s business as usual at the farm. “She was just showing her maternal instincts,” Dale remarked.

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