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Flood-Recovery Efforts Continue to Progress in Bradford County


Here’s a brief update on some of the many flood-recovery projects on state roads in Bradford County.

Route 1026—(East Road/Neath Road) near the village of Neath in Pike Township was reopened to traffic Monday. A bridge was closed due to damage caused during Tropical Storm Lee.

A contract has just been awarded to replace a bridge with a temporary structure on Route 187 in Windham Township near the New York state line. Contractor L.C. Whitford Company, Inc. will design and build a two-span, one-lane temporary bridge and construct the temporary bridge and roadway. This temporary bridge is expected to be opened to traffic by Feb. 2012. Traffic will be controlled with temporary traffic signals. A contract to design and build a permanent bridge at this location will be bid in the spring of 2012, with construction to be completed by the fall of 2013.

A contract has been awarded to Kriger Construction, Inc. to repair damage to 16 locations throughout southwestern Bradford County. The project, involving emergency repairs due to flood damage, consists of debris and deposition removal, rock placement, shoulder repairs, underpinning, wing wall repairs, embankment repair, guiderail repairs and streambed paving at the following locations: Route 3006 (Weston Road) in Monroe Township (two sites), Route 3007 (Beech Flats Road) in Canton Township, Route 3008 (Southside Road) in Canton Township, Route 3010 (Mill Street) in Leroy Township, Route 3017 (Allen Meadow Road) in Granville Township, Route 3029 (Gulf Road) in Troy and Granville Townships (three sites), and Route 414 in Leroy, Franklin and Monroe Townships (seven sites). This project is scheduled for completed by the end of next month.

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