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Flood Damage to Borough Property Should Be Covered

By D.C. Koviack

Meshoppen Borough Council met for its regular monthly meeting on Monday at 7:30 p.m. For the first time in two months, the meeting was held in the borough offices, which had been damaged by the flooding in September. Council met in Mehoopany while its offices were being repaired. Secretary Phyllis Adams noted that after meeting with FEMA and PEMA about damage within the borough from the flooding, they have informed her that all bills for flood recovery will be 100 percent covered, once they are approved.

There are several projects on tap in conjunction with flood recovery, including repairs to Mowry Road, re-establishment of the Meshoppen Creek, repairs to the ballpark, repairs to the sewer main, grinder pumps and repairs to the borough offices and replacement of equipment.

Bills against the water company and the borough were approved for payment.

Duane Marbaker, Jr., who is running for Wyoming County Sheriff, spoke briefly to council, highlighting his experience in various fields of law enforcement.

A snowplowing bid was received in response to the ad placed by the borough. The bid was from Endless Mountains Landscaping, who has had the contract for the past couple of years. As it was the only bid received, and as council has been satisfied with the company’s work, the bid was accepted. The cost of the plowing and cindering remained the same as last year: $100 a load for cinders and $65 an hour for plowing.

There was some confusion about the proposed hazard mitigation resolution that concerns homeowners who may wish to surrender their homes that were damaged in the flood. The resolution, which was passed Monday night, will allow borough residents to sell their houses to FEMA and rebuild somewhere else. Properties sold in this way will not have homes built on them again.

It was noted that all of the storm drains on Church Street are plugged solid with dirt and debris that washed down in the flood. Councilperson Mike Voorhees said he will try to auger the drains to clear them.

The new generator has been installed at the sewer plant. The generator will be used in the event that a lengthy power failure occurs, which would knock the sewer plant off line. A grant from the state’s Growing Greener paid for the generator.

The Mowry Road Bridge inspection has been completed. The results show that one under wall needs to be repaired. The report also instructed that the debris near the bridge be removed to prevent damage to the bridge in the future.

A satisfactory report on the police department was delivered by the mayor.

A report from DEP was read with regard to the water company. Two actions were recommended: one was the installation of a frost-free hydrant in a specified spot to allow for proper chlorination. The other action was the installation of a spigot on a particular hydrant to facilitate sampling of water for testing and compliance. Both actions must be completed by April 1 of next year.


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