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Heat Results in Quick Meeting for Meshoppen Council

Despite the heat, the humidity, and an un-air-conditioned meeting room, Meshoppen Borough Council held its regular monthly meeting Monday night. First order of business was to pay all bills against the borough and the water company, which were presented by Secretary Phyllis Adams.

Topics for discussion included a new roof on tap for the Meshoppen Post Office. Formerly the Fire Hall, the building was constructed in 1992. However, the roof has begun to leak, so plans are being made to put a new roof on. Estimates are currently being taken from area contractors interested in the job. It is thought that the cost will end up about $6,000.

In other business, a fax from Chris McCue was received. The final payment on the water project has been processed, and the money should be available in about two weeks, McCue reassured the borough in his fax. The design on the sewer project, noted McCue, should also begin by the end of the summer, since all paperwork is in place for it and the funding has been secured. Actual construction should begin next year, possibly in the spring or summer. Originally, McCue had told the borough that the sewer project would be "up and flushing" by the end of 2005, but because of some delays that date might now not be feasible.

The Parks and Memorials Committee noted that the improvements made to the town memorial have greatly enhanced the appearance of it and also of the four corners in town. Various perennials and decorative grasses, which might be planted, were also discussed; some plantings might be put in before autumn.

A satisfactory report was received from the mayor concerning the town's police department. There was one accident in July and the officers assisted at nine other area motor vehicle accidents. The suggestion was made that both officers would be on duty during the week of the fair. Mayor "Bones" Newhart pointed out that during the fair, the increased traffic usually results in a couple of minor accidents, so the extra officer coverage would be welcomed. The suggestion was taken and the extra coverage will be on during the fair.

The restaurant building will be put out for sealed bid to be opened at the September meeting of council, set for the 13th. All bids will have to include an agreement to repair the building.

There being no other business before council, the meeting was swiftly adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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