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In Susquehanna County, Subdivisions Lowest in 16 Years

The Susquehanna County Planning Commission Annual Report for 2010 was presented to the county commissioners at their most recent meeting. Bob Templeton, Director of Plan-ning, presented the report, which is required yearly under the state planning code.

Templeton said that there were 89 subdivisions last year with 73 new lots. This is the lowest number in 16 years. He believes it is due to the economy as well as the leasing of land for gas drilling. People are holding onto their property. Bridgewater and Clifford Townships had the most activity.

Among commercial and industrial activities, most were related to compression stations and the Holiday Inn. Room rentals due to the gas-leasing workers has left nothing for travelers, which accounts for the increased development of the facility. County planners also spent time amending the subdivision ordinance over the past year.

Four people were recognized by the commissioners for their service to the county. Each month those employees with five-year incremental anniversaries are recognized. Kathy Aldrich, Commissioners' office, Christine Jones, Prothonotary's office, and Brenda Landes, Domestic Relations, each had five years of service. Mary Lou Warner has been with the treasurer's office for 15 years.

A resolution supporting the renewal of the Growing Greener Program in Pennsylvania was passed. A proclamation for March 31 was adopted for C.A.S.U.A.L. (Colon Cancer Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) Day. One visitor said that a doctor had recommended that a friend have a colonoscopy. As an uninsured person, the cost would be $11,000, which was too much so she wouldn't be getting the recommended test. The commissioners advised that the county hospitals have a sliding scale based on income. Two people in the audience said they'd be dead if they hadn't had the procedure.

Jennifer Hibbard, Coordinator for Recycling/Solid Waste, was appointed as Project Officer as the primary contact with DEP for a grant to help with the cost of updating the Municipal Solid Waste Plan as mandated by DEP. The grant is for $37,350 with the county's match $9,338.

In personnel, Gerald Franceski was reappointed to the Susquehanna County Industrial and Commercial Development Agency for five years ending Dec. 31, 2015. Ryan Latz has resigned from Children & Youth, and Suzanne Norwalk has resigned from 911. Approval was given to terminate an agreement with Cal Jean Vending on April 28. The Chief Clerk will send a letter of that notice. A three-year agreement was authorized for signing with American Food and Vending, Syracuse. This will include a 10 percent commission, which will be used for a Christmas party for the employees. Either party may terminate this agreement with 60 days notice.

The commissioners said they were looking into major repair of the courthouse. This information was given in response to a query about the condition of the front entrance to the courthouse.

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