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Laceyville Council Getting Two New Members



By David Keeler

The Laceyville Borough Council has been operating with just five instead of the seven member board that’s supposed to run the community, but all that is changing.

Tuesday night Mayor Ken Patton gave the oath of office to Matt Harper, who is filling a seat left vacant by Jay Brigham.  Harper, who volunteered for the job and was appointed by council, will serve on the street committee, which he will head as well as the borough’s finance and police committees.

Next month, the mayor expects to swear in Keith Pennay, who has agreed to fill the other vacant council seat and has been approved by council.

Harper didn’t waste any time getting things rolling as head of the street committee. He said he was recently approached by a resident of Orchard Terrace regarding why potholes on that street had not been repaired when other streets were recently fixed. Nobody on council could answer Harper’s question, but apparently the street had just been overlooked.

On another street matter, Mayor Patton told council that Chesapeake has started taking core samples along old Route 6 in the borough between the Route 6 exit and Lacey Street where it plans to make repairs.

Mary Tyler said that David Brown has agreed to take over the mowing of Waterworks and Wiles Parks as a replacement for Shane Fryer, who is no longer able to do the work due to health problems. (It was incorrectly reported following last month’s meeting that Walt Sutton was suffering from poor health and had stepped down from the mowing job, but that is not the case).  Brown will mow Wiles for $85 and Waterworks for $40. Previously the borough paid $60 and $35, respectively.

Police reports for the month showed that Chief George Andras logged 179 hours last month patrolling the borough, while Officer Joe DeMuro logged 64 hours that was split between Laceyville and Wyalusing Boroughs. Officer Patrick Butkiewicz logged 45 hours, all of which were in Wyalusing. Laceyville is compensated by Wyalusing for patrol hours there by Laceyville Police. One Laceyville officer will be required in Wyalusing during next week’s firemen’s celebration, DeMuro told council.

On another police matter, Patton told council that he’s gotten the borough on the list as a candidate to receive a used vehicle from Chesapeake Energy. He said the vehicles are distributed free of charge to qualified recipients.

Other business conducted included:

—Hearing from Linda Sabatelle that she is resigning as the borough’s EMA liaison. Council did not vote on whether to accept her resignation.

—Discussing a question raised by Richard Rodgers about the need for a sign at the river access on the downstream side of the river bridge stating that no vehicles are allowed and no long-term camping. Rodgers said a lot of work has been done recently adding steps to the area and cutting Japanese Knotweed.

—Agreeing should the borough proceed with an offer to acquire the former Jackson property for use as a playground, it would agree not to sell it for another use and that a plaque would be placed in memory of those who had donated the property to the borough.

—Discussing the need for street line and parking space painting. In some cases, the lines are pretty much gone.

—Discussing complaints about odors coming from the sewer plant. In some parts of the borough, it’s not a problem, but in others it most definitely is.

—Agreeing to a resolution allowing Linda Sabatelle to act on behalf of the borough and sign documents required by FEMA regarding reimbursement for flood damages that occurred in April.

Tim Shotwell was absent from the meeting.



  Laceyville Mayor Ken Patton, left, gives the oath of office Tuesday night to Matt Harper, who volunteered to fill a vacant seat on the borough council. Photo by David Keeler  Laceyville Mayor Ken Patton, left, gives the oath of office Tuesday night to Matt Harper, who volunteered to fill a vacant seat on the borough council. Photo by David Keeler

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