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LeRaysville Man Tied To Athens Break-in


Kyle Strope, 21, LeRaysville, and Dylan John Beers, 18, Athens, had some unusual plans for making ends meet that left them both facing charges of burglary and criminal trespassing. Beers was also charged for possession of drug paraphernalia and for planning to sell Excedrin masked as the illegal drug “ecstacy” to a vendor at the Troy Fair.

At about 5:40 p.m. on July 30, Athens police officer Nikki Hoffman responded to a call about a possible burglary in progress on Longway Street. She arrived to see Strope attempting to position an air conditioner into a window. After she called out to Strope and told him to walk toward her, Hoffman saw Beers come out of a door of the residence.

Beers initially told the officer that he was house-sitting for his grandparents, who were out of town, and that he had keys for the residence. Beers and Strope were detained at the Athens Borough Police Department while Hoffman worked with Beers’ mother over the phone to determine whether or not the young men had permission to be in the house.

After the officer read him his Miranda rights, Beers reportedly confessed to entering his grandparents’ home with Strope to find gas money. He noted that he and Strope were both out of work and trying to live on their own. Beers told Hoffman that he felt bad for breaking into the house and that all he took was some baseball cards, which he had Strope hold for him, as he had no pockets. The bedrooms to the home were locked from the inside, so the men had removed the air conditioner that Hoffman saw Strope holding up to gain entrance to the rooms.

When Hoffman asked the men how they arrived at the scene, they said that their girlfriends had dropped them off on their way to Walmart. Their white Buick was found one block away with the trunk slightly open. A glass pipe and a bottle of pills were in plain view in the front seat of the car. The vehicle was towed to the police department so that it could be further searched for stolen property, and the owner of the car was notified.

Beers explained to police that he had met a vendor at the Troy Fair earlier in the week who had asked him if he could get some ecstasy. When he could not procure any, he dyed an unspecified number of Excedrin tablets blue to simulate the illegal drug and intended to sell them at $20 a piece. Bail for each was set at $55,000, and both men face an Aug. 9 preliminary hearing.

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