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Lost Hunter Located Without Incident in Susquehanna County


By Sandra Raub

Wildlife conservation officers spent some time on Nov. 28, the first day of the antlered deer season, searching for a lost hunter on Game Lands 35 in Susquehanna County.

The hunter, whose name was not released, was believed to be from the Allentown area, and was reported missing when he failed to return to the parking area to join his hunting partner at dusk. Officers say he has hunted the area before, but was still somewhat unfamiliar, and had become disoriented in the hills and valleys of the more than 7,700 acres of hunting land.

He was able to make cell phone contact with his partner, and fellow hunters in the parking area blew their car horns in an effort to direct him out, but were unsuccessful, so state police were contacted, who in turn referred them to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

WCO Michael Webb and DWCO Paul Raub received the call around 9 p.m. from the main office in Dallas, and were able to make contact with the lost individual within the hour via cell phone, but it took approximately another 45 minutes to direct him out of the woods. They established that he was near a power line, so the officers then drove out into the game lands and shone bright spotlights that the lost man could see, and directed him to follow the power line cut to their location.

The officers report that although the individual had dressed appropriately for the weather and activity, his panicked state led to mild dehydration and disorientation, but medical treatment was not required.

Hunters are reminded of the following tips when heading out into the woods:

?          Have a good knowledge of the area.

?          Let someone know where you will be, and don't deviate from that course without letting someone know.

?          Get a map of the terrain and a compass, and learn how to use both.

? Allow yourself adequate time to get out of the woods before  full dark.

These and other hunting safety tips are offered as part of hunter education classes, which are required by law to obtain a hunting license in Pennsylvania.

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