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Meshoppen Borough Residents Complain About Gas Truck Traffic

By D.C. Koviack

At Monday evening’s regular monthly meeting of the Meshoppen Borough Council, several residents spoke once again about the truck traffic in the borough and the use of “Jake Brakes.”

Resident Lynn McDonald, who lives on Auburn Street, told council that the truck traffic on her road keeps her awake all night and disturbs her during the day. “These trucks don’t even fit on these roads,” she said. “I have dump trucks, water trucks...24 hours a day. My nerves are shot,” she added. “I hear the humming in my head all the time. I can’t go out in my backyard, I can’t go out on my porch, I can’t even pray in peace on Sunday,” she said.

Council noted that its attorney is currently crafting a “jake brake” ordinance similar to those in use in surrounding communities, and that it should be available shortly. Resident Helen Rail also complained that the sidewalks and roads in the borough. “We can’t walk down our street,” she said, referring to West Avenue. Council explained that there were grants available to get new sidewalks, but that residents had to apply for the grant. The grant is from the Redevelopment Authority.

“Can’t we make a new road for them?” asked McDonald. One council member wondered if the gas companies could institute a moratorium on truck traffic during the night, or on Sundays. This suggestion was not met with enthusiasm.

Another resident, Bobbi Gregory, complained that the sign for Kintner’s Store obstructs the view of traffic on Church Street, and has nearly caused several accidents. She asked if perhaps Kintner could put his sign in another location. Gregory added that there is an ongoing problem with what she referred to as “ghetto kids.” Gregory said these youngsters are engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior in broad daylight in public places, and have even tried to steal plywood from her yard. “It goes on 24/7 and it’s getting really bad on that end of Church Street...used condoms in people’s yards, everything,” she said. Council reminded Gregory that Meshoppen has a curfew, and suggested that she call the police or 911 next time she observes this type of activity. McDonald spoke out complaining that the young people in the town have also ruined the park. “The toys are all mangled,” she said. “Can’t you build them a skateboard ramp? That’s what they want,” she told council. “It’s a liability issue,” answered Councilperson Mike Voorhees.

Also on Monday, council reviewed any damage it might have incurred from the flooding at the end of April, pursuant to notification by the county that it is now eligible to receive FEMA and PEMA disaster aid money. Council President John Bunnell determined that the most severe damage was the washing of dirt and debris under the bridge. Bunnell said that council has already had the debris and dirt cleaned up, and paid for that. “But we can put in for reimbursement” Bunnell agreed.

Borough residents who have not yet been hooked up to the new sewer system were also reviewed. There are a handful who have not hooked up. Council said they should be hooked up by the end of the summer. The former pizza shop building was briefly discussed. “When we have $50,000 to spend on tearing it down, we will tear it down,” commented Councilperson Jack Vaow. Some on council mentioned that the building should be secured so no one could enter it and get hurt. “I’d hate to see anyone get hurt,” commented Bunnell. It was decided that the entrances of the building will be secured.

The monthly police report was given; all is satisfactory. However, Mayor Bruce Marshall admitted that there has been “a lot of criminal activity” lately between Meshoppen Borough and the surrounding community. He said the Borough’s Police Chief has been kept quite busy.

The annual report from the water company was reviewed. Everything appears to be in order and proceeding as quickly as possible, with the exception of the ongoing issue of delinquent customers. Bills against the borough and against the water company were reviewed for payment and approved. Minutes from June and the current treasurer’s report were also accepted, the former with some minor typographical corrections.


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