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Mom Found Balancing Drug Sales with Child Rearing


By Rick Hiduk

Pennsylvania State Police have released disturbing details of the Aug. 12 arrest of Christina Lea Pomaquiza, 26, at the home in Hornbrook Trailer Park in Sheshequin Township she shared with Calvin Moore.

The investigation began in June with state police working with confidential informants (CI), who coordinated the purchase of heroin bundles from Pomaquiza via cellphone. The defendant allegedly allowed the CI to visit her trailer on June 16, where she sold the informant 10 packets of heroin for $200. Five of the bags were marked “White Monkey,” and the other five were marked “Catrina.” All tested positive as heroin.

At that time, Pomaquiza reportedly told the informant that she also had cocaine for sale if anyone was interested. The informant said that he/she would get back to her. Instead, a second purchase of heroin through a CI was staged for July 12. This time, the CI was fitted with a video camera.

Pomaquiza was allegedly asleep and found in her bedroom when the CI arrived. She retrieved 10 bundles of heroine from her purse and told the CI that the cost was $150, instead of the $200 agreed to on the phone the previous evening.

The reporting officer was able to witness the transaction and the fact that Pomaquiza’s two young children were present throughout the incident, including standing in the doorway of the trailer as the CI left the premises. This time, five of the bags of heroin were marked “Showtime,” four were labeled “Red Alert,” and one bore the tag “Miami.”

A third purchase was arranged for Aug. 5 at McDonald’s restaurant parking lot in Tunkhannock and involved a detective from Wyoming County. The CI pulled his/her vehicle alongside one in which Pomaquiza was a passenger. Pomaquiza reportedly got out of her vehicle and approached the CI’s vehicle to hand off 50 packets of heroin marked “Sweet Moment” for a purchase price of $600.

A fourth and final transaction took place in Hornbrook Trailer Park on Aug. 12. After Pomaquiza provided the CI with 13 bundles of heroin packaged in wax paper for $200, at least four police officers descended upon the trailer just before noon. An unidentified woman was attempting to leave the residence in a vehicle, and Pomaquiza’s two young children were standing in the doorway. A patrolman announced himself as a member of the state police as he entered the home and called out Pomaquiza’s name. He observed her in the back bedroom and told her that she was under arrest. In the bedroom, he found a large amount of cash spread out across the bed and a partially open cardboard box containing several packets of heroin.

After being read her Miranda rights, the officer reported that Pomaquiza agreed to cooperate and indicated that she “had a problem and needed help.” In addition to more heroin, Pomaquiza allegedly revealed to officers unspecified amounts of cocaine and pills. She signed a consent to search paper, after which the investigators found more of the aforementioned items, as well as marijuana, Ecstacy, and several pieces of drug paraphernalia, including a straw and razor blades. 

In a separate report issued on Aug. 12, state police indicated that their search of Pomaquiza’s home turned up 486 bags of heroin, more than 37 grams of cocaine, approximately 35 grams of marijuana, 48 Ecstacy tablets, and $5,676 in U.S. currency. The narcotics alone had an estimated street value of nearly $15,000. Pomaquiza received seven counts of delivery of controlled substances, four counts of conspiracy to deliver same, three counts of criminal use of a communication facility (cellphone), seven counts of possession, and three counts each of recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

Pomaquiza was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Tim Clark and remanded to the Bradford County Correctional Facility in lieu of $50,000. She faces an Aug. 19 preliminary hearing. The investigation continues, and additional arrests are pending. Readers with helpful information may call state police at Towanda at 570-265-2186.

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