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New Bus Routes – Supt. Report


By Ray Fleming

As the new school year draws closer Wyalusing Area School District parents need to be aware of changes in the bus routes for getting their children to and from school each day. Nearly all of the bus routes have changed to some extent. The average bus route is eight miles shorter, which means students should be getting to and from school more quickly.

The district is also planning to consolidate stops where it makes sense to do so to make the routes run more efficiently. We will be placing articles in the Rocket–Courier over the next couple weeks and utilizing our phone system to notify parents of information leading up to the beginning of school. All parents will also be receiving letters from the district office indicating the approximate time and where students will be picked up in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon.

Because this is a new procedure in getting to the new Wyalusing Area Elementary School for all elementary students, a dry run and orientation is scheduled for the morning of August 30. More details of this program will be coming to all elementary parents from Mr. Darrow later this month.

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