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Ocean Going Vessel Hails from Wyalusing

Former local resident Jennifer Brotzman is shown aboard the sailboat, Meiju, she owns with husband, John, which is a Coast Guard-registered sea-going vessel. This photo was taken off the coast of Maine, but its "hailing port" is registered with the Coast Guard as Wyalusing. According to John, the vessel's point of origin can be listed as anyplace in the United States and since John hails from Silvara and Jennifer from Camptown, they compromised and listed their hailing port as Wyalusing. "Having met there in high school, we share that place," John explains. The Brotzmans, she being the former Jennifer Gary Stethers, recently completed a vacation voyage of some 300 miles. "We spent evenings in the wilderness anchorages in Penobscot Bay, gathering wild mussels for dinner and exploring the islands," he reports. John, by the way, is the younger brother of state Rep. Tina Pickett.

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