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Park Association Asks County To Consider Maintenance Plan


By Rick Hiduk

Bradford County Veterans Park Association founder Joe Doherty addressed Bradford County Commissioners John Sullivan and Doug McLinko at their weekly meeting held Nov. 17 to remind them that the new park for which ground was broken two weeks ago will require ongoing maintenance.

Doherty stressed the point that he was not asking for any commitment, nor did he have a definite plan for maintenance at this time. His statement was a matter, he suggested, of reminding all supporters of the project that such an extensive effort will require ongoing attention.

“Although it is on borough land,” Doherty added, “it is in affect honoring all veterans from our county.”

When completed, the multiphase and multifaceted project will prove not only aesthetically pleasing but will also provide more continuity to several other projects started in the area in recent years, including Roger A. Madigan Park next to the Progress Building and the borough’s riverfront park.

A recently accessed $200,000 grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has allowed for the design phase to begin, as well as the construction of a walkway and parking area under the Route 6 Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Granite pavers that will bear the names of local veterans are currently available for purchase. The more that can be sold, Doherty noted, the less grass there will be to mow and the overall cost of the park project will be lower.

Additional maintenance that will be needed includes routine cleaning of proposed statues and daily trash pickup. Doherty mentioned in an April interview that the borough’s previous memorial park at the intersection of Elizabeth and Charles Streets was neglected, in part, because it was not where anybody could see it.

Commissioner Doug McLinko commended Doherty and his committee for their efforts and asked how supporters could reach him to purchase paver bricks or make donations. Doherty noted that contributions can be mailed to Towanda Borough, BCVMPA, PO Box 206, Towanda, PA 18848. Interested parties may also phone 570-596-3224 or log on to www.bcvmpa.org to download order forms for the honorarium pavers that will be inlaid in the pathways around the new park.

Doherty has also been meeting with one of the locally-based gas companies and other corporate sponsors for a commitment to cover the cost of the statues, which, he noted, will take as long as two years each to create.

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