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Parkhurst Pleads Guilty



By D.C. Koviack


Michelle Lee Parkhurst of Canal St., Laceyville, pleaded guilty on July 8 to a single felony charge of criminal conspiracy to commit intimidation of a witness. Sentencing is likely to take place later this summer and Parkhurst will likely serve time for her crime in a state institution.

Parkhurst was arrested in March of last year after an undercover investigation amassed evidence that she had attempted to hire a “hit man” to kill a confidential informant who had allegedly been responsible for turning Parkhurst’s husband in to authorities.

Parkhurst’s husband, Hugh “Skip” Parkhurst, formerly of Meshoppen, had been arrested earlier in 2010 on drug charges, and in February of last year an undercover investigation alleged that Parkhurst had made several statements at different times to different people about finding someone to “take care” of' the informant she felt was the cause of her husband’s incarceration.

Parkhurst was originally charged with criminal solicitation to conspire to commit criminal homicide and two counts of criminal conspiracy to solicit the commitment of a criminal homicide. She was arrested after an undercover detective witnessed her agree to pay $600 to someone willing to kill the informant.

Since then, Parkhurst has been incarcerated in the Wyoming County Prison. Her case was set to go to trial several times before the plea agreement was finally made. The case file had been sealed to protect the identities of the confidential informants and detectives involved, but since the plea agreement, it has been unsealed.


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