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Residential Pruning May Have Caused Power Outage


By Rick Hiduk

Penelec/First Energy of Towanda announced on Tuesday afternoon that a tree fell into power lines at about 7:30 a.m., resulting in a loss of electricity to approximately 450 customers in the New Albany and New Era areas for most of the day on Nov. 22.

Five cross arms and several spans of wire were downed in the incident, which caused a chain reaction involving several circuit overbuilds and underbuilds, which, in turn, affected distribution and subtransmission lines.

“It caused multiple arrestors to blow near the New Albany switcher,” said Penelec manager of external affairs Jody Place, who was unsure of the location where the tree fell into the lines. To add insult to injury, a steady cold rain began to fall just as the problem was assessed, and the serious repair work got underway. “We had a ton of guys down there working today. We just had so much to fix,” said Place.

Several readers affected by the outage informed the Rocket-Courier that their homes were getting pretty chilly as evening approached, but Place expressed confidence that the power in Albany Township would soon be restored.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” she stated, adding, “It does appear that an individual had been cutting a tree in that area and may be responsible for the outage. We have not yet made contact with that individual.”


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