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School District Surplus Sale Slated for Saturday


By Rick Hiduk

Wyalusing Area School District (WASD) needs to clear out the four former elementary buildings prior to impending sales, and area residents can take advantage of an opportunity to buy back some memories, in addition to many useful items that will be put on the auction block by Shamrock Auction Service this Saturday, Nov. 5.

The items available, which range from classroom furniture and cafeteria equipment to chalkboards and metal shop tools, are primarily the result of the consolidation of the four elementary schools and upgrades in technology associated with the construction and opening of the new Wyalusing Area Elementary School in September.

WASD superintendent Chester Mummau hopes that administrators of private schools, day care centers, and churches will take note of the sales event, as so much of what is leftover could be put to use again. And, while he would like to see the majority of the surplus items purchased for personal reasons, Mummau has no qualms with salvage yard operators and potential scrappers taking advantage of bargains on solid metal desks and other recyclable materials.

“It’s an auction. Everything goes to the highest bidder,” he stated, noting that all proceeds are earmarked for the district’s general fund and will be used for maintenance and repairs and other capital needs. “Our goal simply is to clear out the schools and get them ready for sale,” said Mummau, adding that he hopes that it is true that “one man’s surplus is another man’s treasure.”

There are several upright side-by-side freezers and freezer/refrigerators available, as well as butcher block and food prep tables, microwaves, and meat slicers. The best of four pianos from the former schools made its way to the new elementary building, but the upright Wurlitzer used at Laceyville Elementary School and two other pianos are for sale. There are office chairs on wheels, metal cabinets, office mailboxes, televisions, gym equipment, dentist chairs, and choir risers available. Shop equipment and supplies include block planes, drills, scroll saws, brazing rods, welding and electric conduit supplies, a sheet metal shear, and small gas engine supplies.

There are cafeteria tables that could be used under an outdoor, sheltered picnic pavilion, a sewing machine, and an art table. Not surprisingly, there are many desks and hundreds of chairs that Mummau hopes will attract former students and parents who want to purchase a piece of nostalgia.

“It might not be the exact chair that they sat in, but they could find one just like it,” he remarked.

One of the more unique items is a wheelchair lift from the former Wyalusing Elementary School (WES) that was used for only a few years to lift a wheelchair to the school’s stage. Mummau suggested that the lift might be useful to an area church.

The auction, which will be coordinated by Jerry Burke, will begin at 10 a.m. at the WES building, 80 Fifth St., Wyalusing. A complete listing of available items, as well as many photos, can be found online at ww.shamrockauctions.com.


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