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Security/Alarms Upgrading Coming to Susquehanna County Buildings

By Ann Morrill Whynman

Security for Susquehanna County governmental buildings will get a facelift. Chief Clerk Sylvia Beamer was directed by the commissioners at their June 22 meeting to notify each of the non-governmental agencies using the county alarm system that the service will be discontinued by Sept. 1.

Each of those agencies will need to make their own arrangements. The county will be contracting with a different company for their facilities. A change is called for because the old alarm system isn’t up-to-date. The new contract can be terminated and there is no definite term of service. Sheriff Lance Benedict is in charge of security.

With Commissioner Leon Allen absent from the meeting, the two remaining commissioners, Mary Ann Warren and Michael Giangrieco, approved signing of contracts with T. N. Pyeron Service, Dunmore, for alarm and monitoring services for the county. A yearly fee of $264 for each of four locations will include daily testing, which has not been part of the current system. When an alarm is signaled, they will also contact the appropriate response agency needed. No new equipment was approved, but when asked, the commissioners said, “It will not cost more than replacing the current system.”

As is common at these meetings, delayed service contracts between Children and Youth and care facilities were approved for the period July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. Concern, Fleetwood, will be the designated provider for two programs, Community Life Skills at $135.02 per diem and Foster Care at $89.64 per diem.

In personnel, Bette VanWinkle’s resignation, effective at the end of the day July 1, was accepted with regret. She is working in the Assessment office. The commissioners were thanked for reading the agenda items, which has not been the policy for some time. Usually, the motion to approve an agenda item is read, “I make the motion to approve agenda #7,” designating it by number rather than actually reading the item being voted upon. A visitor asked if the policy had been changed and hoped it would continue.

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