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Sewer Line Caps Being Stolen in Meshoppen Borough

At Monday night’s regular monthly meeting of the Meshoppen Borough Council, a report was heard from two residents of Church Street who told council that five residents on the street have recently had the caps for their sewer lines stolen. “We all have big open holes in our yards,” commented Bobbi Gregory. It appears that this has occurred throughout the borough, not just on Church Street. “We intend to replace those caps,” the borough council chair assured the residents.

The residents also spoke briefly to Police Chief John Krieg about area teens that are vandalizing and disturbing the peace. “There’s a curfew,” commented Krieg. “Call 911 the next time and I’ll be there,” he said.

Complaints about barking dogs were resolved by reminding the residents that there is a barking dog/disturbing the peace ordinance, so this issue should be taken care of through enforcement ordinance and sanction.

Bills against the borough and the water company were summarily discussed and approved for payment.

The flooding in town last week due to the thunderstorms was the next topic of conversation. The wind and water did some damage, including knocking a tree over on Church Street, which took out power to part of the borough for more than a day. Water from Meshoppen Creek and the Susquehanna River did rise and flow over the bridge on Route 6, but only for about a half hour.

Some businesses in town are complaining that they have water in their basements because the storm drains along Route 6 are backed up. Council felt this was a PennDOT issue since Route 6 is a state road and will contact PennDOT regarding the storm drains.

Council discussed the safety issues surrounding the razed property at the former Marty’s Market in the borough. Concern was expressed that children are playing and congregating on the site and on the riverbank nearby. Councilmembers questioned whether or not Martin Cannella, Jr., the owner of the property, should have a barricade of some sort to keep unauthorized people out. Several members thought that Cannella did have no trespassing signs and tape, at least, and reminded others that the site is not only a demolition site, but a construction site. “As far as I know, everything’s according to schedule,” Bunnell commented of Cannella’s plans to rebuild.

The annual audit of the borough, sewer company and water company has been done. There were no findings. The borough continues to prosecute delinquent sewer company customers. The borough is still trying to secure a generator for power outages so the sewer system can keep working. An extension of a grant, which will fund the purchase is the delay: before buying the generator, the borough needs proof that the grant deadline has been extended and that the money is available.

Borough council also discussed area teens who have been climbing the ballpark fence and swimming in the floodwaters. “It’s a hazard to their own health,” Bunnell commented. Council discussed changing the ballpark ordinance so that this type of activity would be a prosecutable offense, but felt that no matter what ordinance was passed, teens would still be drawn to the flooded area. “It’s our new swimming pool,” commented Bunnell, frustrated.

Under Roads and Streets Committee, it was announced that $934 was coming to the borough through county aid. The borough just has to fill out the application. There was a discussion regarding what the money could fund, but cleaning out the creek was thought to be the best use of the windfall.

The monthly police report was satisfactory. The new police cruiser will be in place by the end of this week. The water quality report was satisfactory, but some councilmembers said they smelled chlorine in their water, or other odd smells, though they did not smell sulfur. The odd smells were occasional, not constant.




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