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Sharon Lowery Running for Bradford County Commissioner

On Wednesday evening Sharon Lowery formally announced her candidacy for Bradford County Commissioner. The announcement was made at Original Italian Pizza in Wysox. She was celebrating a successful petition passing campaign with an overwhelming amount of over 1,000 signatures and more to come.

Sharon is involved with the community sharing her experiences in the business, industrial and non-profit worlds. Her wealth of experience will serve her well in the courthouse. In a release Sharon stated her belief that, "Bradford County faces unique challenges. The emergence of the natural gas industry in our county and the current economic situation we find ourselves in, presents opportunities and challenges; which brings a need for the right kind of leadership to handle. We must have the right infrastructure in place and be smart in our budgetary decisions as a county to ensure our county's future prosperity and stability."

Lowery believes to deal with these challenges that Bradford County needs fresh leadership. She stated, "We need a team of leaders that will work together to hear the voice of the people, understand the right direction in which to go, will know how to wisely budget, how to plan, and what it takes to create jobs. As I considered these needs and considered my experiences as a mom, as a successful small business owner, a previous industry employee and as a volunteer in the community, I felt a call to service. That is why, after much consideration with my family, I've decided to run for Bradford County Commissioner."

After two years of training volunteers and hiring employees to cover her many obligations in business and volunteer organizations, Sharon pledges to be a full-time commissioner committed to bringing long term stable jobs to Bradford County and maintaining an environment that is appealing to relocating families.

She lives in Athens with her husband Richard at the Jay E. Lowery Funeral Home and they have three children. She is a small business owner and a volunteer who serves in the disaster and safety capacity. For a complete resume please visit www.SharonLowery.com.

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