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Susquehanna County Commissioners Approve Agent for Disaster Relief


By Sandra Raub

Several actions were proposed and passed by the Susquehanna County Commissioners at their Oct. 26 meeting, including designation of an agent to apply for disaster relief on behalf of the county.

Charlene Moser, county EMA Director, was authorized to prepare all necessary documents and forms in order to obtain financial assistance for the repair of damages caused by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

The appointment was proposed and passed unanimously. Likewise, the commissioners approved a proclamation to declare November as Adoption Awareness Month in the county, in the hope of encouraging community agencies, religious organizations, and businesses, as well as area citizens, to celebrate adoption and the families who grow adopting. The proclamation also indicates a hope to “focus attention on those children who live in the shadow of an uncertain future while they wait for permanent families.”

In addition to these actions, a proposal was on the table to rescind previous ordinances pertaining to solid waste and municipal waste and to implement a new county Municipal Waste Management Plan Update.

As part of this process, the commissioners temporarily recessed the regular meeting to open a public hearing on the matter. No questions on the action itself were posed, but one visitor asked why the meeting had to be recessed in order to field public input.

Commissioner Mary Ann Warren explained that a public hearing is required by law on these matters. No further discussion took place, and the meeting progressed without incident and the new resolution was adopted.

In the public comment portion of the regular meeting, only two questions were posed to the commissioners. One was if any county-owned property had been damaged by the recent flooding and storms, to which the commissioners replied yes, and that paperwork was  still in the process of being filed for repairs and restorations. No further details were given.

The second question from the visitors concerned coverage of the meeting by a county newspaper, The Susquehanna County Transcript. The visitor noted that The Transcript's representative had not been present at the past two meetings, and the meetings had not been reported in their publication, but the commissioners could offer no answer to the question, instead indicating that the visitor direct the question to the paper itself.

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