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Susquehanna County Commissioners Back to Their Old Ways



By Ann Morrill Whynman

The anomaly of the June 22 meeting of the Susquehanna County Commissioners was not the new policy some thought might happen. At that meeting Chairman Mary Ann Warren read the full text of agenda items before they were put to a vote. In retrospect, it appears that the full text, as opposed to reading only the number of the item, was done because Warren actually made motions at that meeting, due to Commissioner Leon Allen’s absence.

Normally, chair people don’t make motions. But, because Allen was missing, Warren then filled in with motion making. At this most recent meeting on July 13, however, with all three commissioners present, Allen and Michael Giangrieco each took turns making motions, reverting to the “I make the motion for item number (fill in the blank with a number, not a reading of the text).”

Apparently, Warren is the only one who believes that the text should be included in the motion, but when the subject is brought up, she doesn’t make any statement to verify this.

Salary Board meeting preceded the normal commissioners’ meeting with the creation of a second Deputy Treasurer position at $9.80 per hour for a seven-hour day. The other position will be eliminated upon retirement of the current employee in that position, but not later than the close of business at the end of 2011. The starting salary for the Judicial Law Clerk at $36,070.58 for a 32.5 hour work week was approved effective Aug. 2 per the recommendation of President Judge Kenneth W. Seamans.

During the commissioners’ meeting, which followed, two hirings were acknowledged. Marissa A. Cino, Union Dale, will fill the Judicial Law Clerk position mentioned above. Wendy Yadlosky of Clifford is the new full-time clerk typist in the Clifford District Judge’s office. She’ll start at $7.89 an hour for a 32.5-hour week.

Three agenda items involved Trehab. One involved the Emergency Food Assistance Program between the county and the PA Department of Agriculture. Trehab will manage that program with a minimum of $500 a month passing through the county (from the state) to Trehab for the administrative costs for one year beginning Oct. 1. The management agreement also starts on that date but goes until Sept. 30, 2016. Related was the authorization for the Department of Agriculture to provide funds for the purchase, transportation, storage and distribution of food products to participants in the State Food Purchase Program. The last item associated with Trehab authorized the commissioners to sign the agreement between the county and Trehab requiring Trehab to comply with all state requirements including, but not limited to, records retention, reporting, accounting methods and audits.

Several items were approved to carry on the daily work of the county. An agreement with Verizon makes them the cell provider handling communication for the new emergency communication trailer that the county will receive in the near future. The initial cost will be $100, with $128.97 per month during training with users, to be reduced after training to about half that fee. Topps Business Solutions will provide a copier for $11,450 with an equipment maintenance and supply agreement for $120 per month. The copier is being purchased for the commissioners’ office and paid for with Records Improvement Funds monies, with pricing at the state contract price. Three new barrier gates and one fence for the Recycling Center will be provided by Del Longo Fence Company, New Milford. They’ll furnish the materials and install them for $6,500, so that the non-public areas of the building will be closed off.

Municipal Waste Disposal Capacity agreements with seven facilities were approved effective Aug. 1. This is part of the Solid Waste Plan revision process. Facilities include Alliance Sanitary Landfill, Clinton County Solid Waste Authority, Commonwealth Environmental Systems, L.P., Keystone Sanitary Landfill, Inc., Phoenix Resources Landfill, Pine Grove Landfill and Taylor Garbage Services, Inc.

The next meeting of the commissioners is scheduled for July 27 at 9 a.m. in the County Office Building in the downstairs meeting room.

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