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Susquehanna County Commissioners Hold Quiet Meeting

By Sandra Raub

The first post-election meeting of the Susquehanna County Commissioners was held just one day after the long-time incumbent Leon Allen lost his seat to newcomer Alan Hall. The climate of the meeting was subdued, and regular business conducted quickly and succinctly.

Highlights of the meeting included the recognition of two county employees for 15 years of service, Cynthia Oleniacz of the Tax Claim office and Kathleen Ragard in the DA’s office, as well as approval for Nov. 15 to be proclaimed America Recycles Day in the County. The proclamation attests to the county’s commitment to focusing the public’s attention on the importance of recycling by raising awareness of the need to reduce waste by reusing and recycling, as well as buying recycled products.

The commissioners join other community leaders in spreading the word about the excellent recycling programs they have established, the growth of markets for recyclable materials, and all citizens are thus encouraged to buy more products made from recycled goods beginning Nov. 15. All motions on the agenda were carried with unanimous approval with two exceptions.

Despite Michael Giangrieco’s abstention from voting on the acceptance of a bid for repair of the roof on the Montrose District Judge’s building, the motion carried and the contract was awarded to Fruehan Construction of Brackney. In addition, Giangrieco actively opposed the motion to sign a contract with the law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot, LLC, Philadelphia, but the motion was carried on the approval of the other two commissioners. The firm will be paid a yearly total of $50,000 in monthly increments for the period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2012, and services will include day-to-day counseling, reviewing and revising letters or other documents, reviewing disciplinary matter or investigations, contract or settlement negotiations, arbitrations, and other matters which require labor and employment work which has been performed for the County in the past.

One motion on the agenda was read aloud in its entirety by Commissioner Allen, prompting a question from the public later. The motion was to approve the appointment to the Library Board for two-year terms of L. Carter (Toby) Anderson and Anna Ruegner. When questioned as to the reason for reading the motion aloud, which is a departure from the normal proceedings of the meeting, Commissioner Allen stated quite calmly, “I wished to recognize Toby,” who was in attendance. No further comments or questions were put forth.


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