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Susquehanna County Commissioners Meet

By Sandra Raub

In their bi-monthly meeting, the Susquehanna County Commissioners dispatched county business in short order with little discussion or interruption. Commissioners Leon Allen and Michael Giangrieco were in attendance; Commissioner Mary Ann Warren was attending the National Association of Conservation Districts Conference.

In the first order of business, following approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, four county employees were recognized for years of service: Gerald Daly, Children & Youth, five years; Lorraine Depew, district attorney's office, 10 years; John Lester, Probation, 20 years, and Linda Daly, Domestic Relations, 25 years.

In addition to approval for standard business expenses, including payroll and taxes, being voted and passed, approval was granted for county employees to attend upcoming seminars. Deanna Wasko and Sarah Snee, of Children & Youth, will attend Foundations of Independent Living: An Overview, in Mayfield on Aug. 19. Nicholas Conigliaro, warden of the county prison, will attend the Pennsylvania County Corrections Association 2011 Fall Conference and Training Seminar in State College on Oct. 2-5. Erica Johnson, of the district attorney’s office, will take part in the National Organization for Victim Assistance Conference in Philadelphia, Aug. 14-17, a seminar that will be in part grant-funded, according to Commissioner Allen. Art Donato and Steve Janoski of the 911 office will go to State College Sept. 21-22 to take part in the National Emergency Number Association Annual Fall Conference, and Willie Keeney and Eric Watkins, of the soil conservation office, were approved to attend the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Compliance Meeting on Aug. 12.

In other business, the county has signed an agreement with T. N. Pyeron Service for installation of the fire alarm system at 88 Chenango St., which is an extension of the services already provided by the company for the county.

Service agreements were signed between Children & Youth and Safeguards Specialized Foster Care Program, Reading, and Family Care for Children & Youth, Milton. In addition, the commissioners voted to approve an agreement between Children & Youth and Avanco International, Inc.

Public commentary pertained only to some minor clarifications of the agenda items as printed, and two new hires were approved by the commissioners before the meeting was adjourned: Darlene Sheridan as a part-time clerk to Register & Recorder Mary Evans’s office, and Kenneth Kiefer to part-time dispatcher trainee for 911.

A salary board meeting was immediately convened and the business dispatched in record time. Two part-time dispatcher positions in 911 were eliminated, and three full-time positions approved, per the recommendation of 911 coordinator Art Donato. Current schedules and shifts will not be affected or changed, but these new positions are being created to alleviate staff shortages.

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