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Susquehanna County Young Republicans Host Candidates

The Susquehanna County Young Republicans held their first Meet the Candidates Night on March 10 at the Bartron Myer Community Room in Montrose. Twenty people attended this inaugural event. Raymond Telnock, candidate for Magisterial District Judge of the northern district and Alan Hall and Rick Oakley, candidates for County Commissioner attended the event. Each candidate talked to the group.

Raymond Telnock, District Judge candidate, spoke about his extensive criminal and civil law experience, his certification by the state and preparation for the job of magisterial district judge. When asked his long-term goals for the position, Mr. Telnock stated that he will be a full-time Judge for the citizens of the district and he promised fair and impartial adjudication of the law.

Alan Hall talked about his work experiences and listed accountability, transparency and long-term planning as some of his greatest strengths for the office of County Commissioner. He said that commissioners are servants of the public and stressed the need for commissioners to be available to the people, countywide, to share ideas and disseminate information. He told the group about his work experience with Little League and that he never took money for umpiring games. The asset in the county that Mr. Hall would most promote is our work force and strong work ethic in the people here.

Rick Oakley shared that his strength for the office of Commissioner is the common sense factor. He then gave a few examples of some decisions by the county that he sees as a lack of common sense. Mr. Oakley stated that the asset he believes to be unique in our area is that people care more here. As for the gas business in the area he added that, "If you are watching (the gas companies in the area), they will stay on the straight and narrow." He agreed with many points made by Alan Hall, including work ethic of county residents.

The group then told the candidates what they would like to see in the county. Ryan Stalker stated that he would like to see a positive move to a functioning industrial park within the county. Bill Umberger brought up another point that we have the work force with the skills to work from home, so the county should make connections with companies that have virtual office capabilities. Anyone with the skills, a broadband connection and a phone line could stay in the county to work, so the county should seek out companies to partner with for virtual office jobs.

At the end of the two-hour event of speaking, questions and answers, Becky Stalker thanked Mr. Telnock, Mr. Hall and Mr. Oakley for valuing the group enough to attend the event. The rest of the group echoed her sentiments.

The next meeting of the Susquehanna County Young Republicans is April 7, 7 p.m. at Original Italian Restaurant in Montrose. For more information, please go to scyrs.com.

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