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Taxidermist Sets Up Shop Near Laceyville


By Rick Hiduk

Almost any hunter can cut antlers off a buck and affix them to some sort of mount as a trophy, but properly preserving the head of that buck or the body of a fox, fowl, or fish is a talent that not many people possess. That’s why Marty Homan of Baker Road in Laceyville hopes that the time is right to offer his skills as a trained taxidermist to recreational hunters.

Homan and his wife, Maryanne, recently moved to the area from East Greenville in Montgomery County after spending weekends and hunting season on land that they have owned here for about seven years.

The lifelong hunter first took an interest in tanning and preserved the hides of rabbits and squirrels. After having someone professionally preserve and mount a wood duck and deer for him, Homan became more interested in taxidermy.

When he was laid off as a sheet metal worker, Homan decided to attend the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy, which is one of only four such schools in Pennsylvania, the other three being situated in the western part of the state. He felt fortunate to be taught the rigors of taxidermy by Bill Allen, the founder of the Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association.

Homan honed his skills by preserving the next three bucks that he shot. He learned to modify the limited number of available forms to adapt them to both the size of the animal and the preferred posture. A mounted animal can appear to be at rest or ready to pounce, for example. Homan absorbed other tricks of the trade such as building up the eyebrows and positioning ears to give the animal a more lifelike appearance.

Although he primarily hunts deer, he has had the opportunity to work with foxes and raccoons trapped by his niece and nephew in Montgomery County. He now sends the hides away for tanning and concentrates on the sculpting and filing-out of the animal. He has also successfully preserved and mounted several large fish.

The basic deer head mount, Homan noted, starts at about $425. For each animal, he can add habitat or prey for an extra charge. For more information, readers may call Marty’s Taxidermy at 267-640-2648 or 570-869-2648.



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