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Wyalusing Carnival Shows Increased Profits


By David Keeler

While she said profits at Wyalusing’s 2011 Firemen’s Carnival likely did not set a record, Alice Matson, Wyalusing Valley Volunteer Fire Department Treasurer, said the carnival was definitely one of the best ever.

“It was a very successful year,” Matson said. “It was excellent.” She said a special Thursday night wristband promotion helped increase attendance and revenues. “Kids who purchased wristbands could enjoy as many rides as they wanted all night long for one reduced price,” Matson said. “And while the kids were on the rides, their parents were enjoying other parts of the carnival.”

Matson said this year’s carnival resulted in gross receipts of $173,063.54, expenses of $127.853.78,  leaving a profit of $45,209.76.

In 2010, the company reported profits of $38,768 and gross receipts of $107,081. In 2009, the company grossed $105,729. In 2008, gross receipts totaled $107,939 and the previous year $108,732.

She said decent weather also played a role in the carnival’s success story.

Matson and fire company President Tom Miller praised the hundreds of local residents who volunteer their time to work at the carnival each year. “We couldn’t do it without them,” she said.

But overwhelming support from the community made it difficult to end an annual tradition of holding an appreciation dinner for those who worked at the summer celebration.

Matson said the dinner was ended because of its cost. “All of our costs are going up and we needed to cut expenses. It just didn’t make sense to have the dinner,” she added. Miller said the cost of the dinner was increasing year by year as well. “It just didn’t seem right to spend money the company needed for equipment and other expenses on a dinner,” Miller said, adding the company must comply with a state mandate to replace all of its radios in the coming year, an unanticipated expense.

Matson admitted that not holding the dinner had resulted in some people having hard feelings. “I just want people to know that we appreciate the help we get from the community, and I hope they understand why we didn’t hold the dinner.”

Honors bestowed on firefighters, such as announcing the company’s Fireman of the Year, which were usually handed out at the appreciation dinner, will be handed out at another time.


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