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Susquehanna County Deed Transfers


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, by Trustee, to Twin Tier Homes LLC in New Milford Borough for $30,000 on April 26.

Wayne S. and Susan L. Maston to Susan L. and Wayne S. Maston Trust in Apolacon Township for $1 on May 3 for mineral deed.

William H. Heritage Estate to Benjamin C., Gary T., Stacy M. and Timothy P. Heritage in Brooklyn and Dimock Townships for $1 on April 7.

Randall Miles Hepler to Hepler Rendon Properties LP in Liberty Township for $1 (tax basis $22,080) on May 6.

Kenneth A. Lambert, Jr., by POA, to Daniel Stankiewicz, Jr. in Montrose for $1,000 on May 4.

Dwight A. and Dwight C. Nunemacher to Dwight A., Judy, Dwight C. and Joan Nunemacher in Springville Township for $1 on April 28.

John T. Lopatofsky Estate and Gregory M. Lopatofsky to Gregory A. Lopatofsky in Springville Township for $1 on April 22.

Robert E. and Constance M. Panasevich to Michael R. and Sharon Panasevich in Gibson Township for $1 on May 3.

Paula and Gordon C. Whitney to Derik Stalker in New Milford Township for $264,000 on May 2.

Frank Nardone, aka Frank A. Nardone, and Susan Nardone, aka Susan L. Nardone, to Jon W. Zerfoss in Hop Bottom Borough and Lenox Township for $1 on April 22,

Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church, by Trustees, to Little White Community Church in Bridgewater Township for $1 on Dec. 29, 2010.

Lillie Delsordo, by Attorney, to Felix, Jr. and Joanne Delsordo Trust, Caroline Crescente, aka Caroline Delsordo, and Robert Crescente in Franklin Township for $170,000 on March 16.

Joseph Mackachinis to Mac Prop Partners in Lenox Township for $173,400 on March 12 for minerals.

Louise F. Baldwin Estate, Eugene Baldwin, Cheryl Keisling and Connie Brown to Michael Paul Fissler in Rush Township for $85,000 on May 5.

Frank C. Grick, Jr. Estate, aka Frank Grick Estate, aka Frank Grick, Jr. Estate, to Kenneth C. and Linda Matthews in Bridgewater Township for $1 on May 6.

Richard D., Jr., Tracy L. and Stephen F. Holgash to Rosalind Hammer in Silver Lake Township for $7,700 on May 11.

Anne L. Simpson Estate to Anne L. Simpson Trust in Springville Township for $1 on May 9.

Anne L. Simpson, by Trustee, Gaye and Dale Robert Dorsey to George and Brenda Loubet in Springville Township for $105,000 on May 9.

Duane L. Schell Estate to William Allen and Lisa Martin in Forest Lake Township for $1 on March 21.

Turn One Minerals LP to Marcellus Minerals Appraisers, Inc. in Liberty and Silver Lake Townships for $1 on Feb. 15.

Raymond Charles and Jeanine Marie Warriner to Raymond Charles Warriner in Dimock Township for $124,300 on May 3.

Lois Rundell to Rush Township for $1 on May 5.

Diane C. and Mark W. Smith to Tobias C. and Amy Newhart Percario in Hallstead Borough for $1 on May 13.

Barbara E. Wheeler to Christine J. and David M. Hall in New Milford Township for $1 on May 13.

Jeffrey L. and Barbara J. Hollister to Daniel J. and Nicole L. Zaleski in Montrose for $150,000 on May 12.

Connie Lee Goff to Herbert J. and Mary E. Waterman and Agnes E. Bordner in Bridgewater Township for $164,000 on May 13.

Marriage Licenses

Dakota James Robinson, 29, Montrose, and Victoria Lynn Heitzenroder, 27, Montrose.

Joseph Michael Edwards, 19, Hallstead, and Emily Wilkes Bryant, 19, Hallstead.

Thomas A. Rivenburgh, Jr., 40, Union Dale, and Joanne M. Randall, 46, New Milford.

Jason T. Cable, 27, Clifford, and Aleia Crystine Lewis, 21, Clifford.

Jeffrey Charles Conklin, 32, Susquehanna, and Sara Jane Verboys, 31, Susquehanna.

Danny Edward Very, 40, Nicholson, and Crystal Ann Fioredda, 29, Nicholson.

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