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Susquehanna County Deed Transfers


John Wilkerson, aka L. John Wilkerson, and Barbara S. Wilkerson to L. John and Barbara S. Wilkerson, property in Silver Lake on Aug. 9.

Juanita G. and Jeanette Smith to Harold R. and Carol A. Smith, property in Bridgewater Township on Aug. 8.

School District of Forest Lake Township and Forest Lake Township School District to Clayton and Betsy Small, property in Forest Township on Aug. 10.

Nicholas, Jr., and Mary Anne Sabuacak to Joseph Shevchuk, Jr., property in Lathrop Township on Aug. 10.

Joan S. Wackernagel Estate to Ken J. Wackernagel and Ann M. W. Fergione, property in Dimock Township on Aug. 11.

Charles and Nancy L. Kritch, aka Nancy Kritch, to Dandy 32 Rushboro LLC, property in Auburn Township on Aug. 11.

William J. and Denise Humber to Philip Hogan, Jr., property in Bridgewater Township on Aug. 11.

Tonya L. Horn to Rene Mercon and Carrie Mercon-Passerini, aka Carrie Passerini, property in Rush Township on Aug. 11.

Ronald G., Jr., and Christine M. Brown to Ronald G. Brown, Jr., property in Forest Lake on Aug. 11.

Leon, Marsha, Lee and Denise M. Burts to Lee and Denise M. Burts, property in Forest Lake on Aug. 11.

Pearl M. Warner to Rosalie A. and James T. Atkinson, property in Liberty Township on Aug. 12.

Anthony P. and Elizabeth S. Mallozzi to Patrick K. and Arleta L. Kipar, property in Auburn Township on Aug. 12.

Michele L. Heeman to Richard P. and Mary F. Niederberger and Michele L. Heeman, property in Franklin Township on Aug. 12.

Isabelle S. Levene, by attorney, to Louis S. and Stephen M. Levene, property in Silver Lake Township on Aug. 12.

David A. and Susan L. Petersen to James and Connie M. Ziemski, property in Silver Lake Township on Aug. 15.

Ann T. Fisco Aubree and Maurice Aubree to Mark Foster Lake Associates LP, aka Mark Forest Lake Associates, property in Forest Lake Township on Aug. 15.

Marriage Licenses

Jason Scott Campbell of Athens and Maureen Elizabeth Kane of Montrose on Aug. 10.

George C. Place of Meshoppen and Kendall Santarelli of Meshoppen on Aug. 10.

Jack L. McKeeby of Montrose and Linda L. Knell of Montrose on Aug. 11.

Michael Glen Potts of Montrose and Sara Susan Levene of Montrose on Aug. 12.

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