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Wyoming County Courthouse

Wyoming County

Deed Transfers

Scott and Douglas Davis, Executors, to Joseph and Richard Davis, property in Exeter Township on Aug. 23.

Mary Baldwin to Stanley Bush, property in Tunkhannock Township on Aug. 23.

Leslie and Betty Howell to Frank Ondish, property in Northmoreland Township on Aug. 26.

Corinne Rayannic to Jeffrey Caswell, property in Overfield Township on Aug. 26.

Janice Martin, Executrix, et al, to Jeffrey Martin, property in Eaton Township on Aug. 27.

Bank Beal to Donald and Nancy Dixon, property in Overfield Township on Aug. 27.

James and Gwendolyn Philmeck to Nicole Dixon, property in Tunkhannock Township on Aug. 27.

Michael Privuznak to Michael Miller, property in Washington Township on Aug. 27.

Joseph and Laura Bullock to Ronald and Sandra Stroble, property in Factoryville Borough on Aug. 27.

Christopher and Nona Hill to William and Jamie Killian, property in Forkston Township on Aug. 27.

St. Francisville, LLC to Sandra and Catherine Mitchell, property in Monroe Township on Aug. 27.

Marriage Licenses

Travis Hottenstein of Tunkhannock and Jean Grabowski of Tunkhannock on Aug. 30.

Paul Pierson of Walton, NY and Christine Ehrenzeller of Walton, NY on Aug. 27.

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