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Wyoming County Deed Transfers


Richard Jackson to Jason Traino, two properties in Nicholson Township on May 27.

Bernard and Christine Martin to Christina Soderberg, property in Factoryville Borough on May 27.

Boyce White to Brice and Mindy Spickerman, property in Nicholson Borough on May 27.

Michael and Deborah Haines to Wesley Kemp, property in Noxen Township on June 1.

Beth Polovitch to Richard Hoover and Beckie Jones, property in Nicholson Township on June 1.

Jeffrey and Heather Stage to Charles Szostak, III, property in Lemon and Washington Township on June 2.

Charles Szostak, III to Mark and John Anderson, property in Tunkhannock Township on June 2.

Patricia Kern to Keith and Sadie Rozenburg, property in Factoryville Borough on June 2.

Marriage Licenses

Earl Cook, IV and Stephanie Severnsky, both of Nicholson, on June 3.


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