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Fred Wheaton, Wysox

Terry Berger, of Ulster, faces prosecution for simple and aggravated assault, harassment and traffic violations for offenses on July 22 in Rome. Berger turned himself in after assaulting a man for throwing a beer bottle out a car window while driving by. The bottle struck his vehicle and almost hit a child in the driveway. Berger and a buddy chased the littering vehicle and stopped them. Berger attacked the victim after the man denied throwing the bottle out the window. Berger reported himself later that day. His preliminary hearing date is Aug. 18.

Robert Lee Bump, of Rome, faces prosecution for simple assault, harassment and stalking for alleged offenses on July 12 between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. at the Wysox Motel. Bump allegedly assaulted his girlfriend after a verbal argument. Later, at 6 p.m., he choked the victim and punched her in the back. Bump was ar-raigned on July 22. Bail is posted at $2,500 and his preliminary hearing date is Aug. 25.

Mark William Vanderpool, of Sayre, faces prosecution for simple assault and two counts of criminal trespass for alleged offenses on July 14 in Windham Township. Vanderpool allegedly walked into a residence, which he was not desired at, and sat down. When forced out of his chair, Vanderpool swung at the victim. Later in the incident, there was a scuffle between the two men when Vanderpool kicked the victim in the back. His preliminary hearing date is Aug. 25.

Arthur Charles Everly, of Towanda, faces prosecution for simple assault and related charges for alleged of-fenses on July 27 at approximately 1:30 a.m. in Towanda. Everly allegedly entered his home intoxicated, woke his girlfriend and beat her for more than an hour. Everly was arraigned on July 27, his preliminary hearing date was July 30, and bail was set at a straight $50,000.

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